Basketball Finders, a United States basketball recruiting service is expanding their influence by hosting exposure events in both Sydney, Australia and Melbourne, Australia in May 2018. The goal of these exposure events is simple; to find the best talent in Australia. This is an opportunity for Australian basketball players to see how they compare to American basketball players and see if they have the talent necessary to play United States college basketball.

Head Scout, Sam Rines, the AAU coach of Kobe Bryant, Richard Hamilton, Kyle Lowry, Tyreke Evans, Kyle Kuzma, and many more NBA players mentions,


“College coaches are curious about Australia. I always get calls about international kids. It’s a risk giving an international kid a scholarship. You never know how good they really are. I’m going to Australia to verify the good players and find players who are being overlooked. I see basketball played at every level, if they can play, I’ll get their name out there.”


Basketball Finders will be in Sydney, Australia on June 22 – 23, 2018 and in Melbourne, Australia June Dates TBA, 2018. The Basketball Finders  recruiting service is the fastest growing recruiting service in the world. Players who are lucky enough to be placed on the website, will have their profiles sent to appropriate level colleges throughout the US.

Sam Rines ended the interview by saying,

“If you can play. I expect to see you there. “

You can sign up for these events on