Exposure. The basketball world is changing. Players are fleeing public high schools to play on the prep circuit, AAU is being conducted by sneaker companies, and camps have become a free-for-all. Everyone is chasing exposure yet journalists keep following the same players. The recruiting process must change, and the change is here.

Rocktop Basketball Camp: The Exposure Tour.

Rocktop Basketball and BasketballFinders.com have combined their services in hopes of changing the way people go about receiving exposure. BasketballFinders.com is a national recruiting service on the search for the best talent in the country. Rocktop Basketball is a leader in the organization of camps, clinics, tournaments, and other basketball events across the country.

By combining our services we will solve a number of problems within the conventional camp experience:

  1. We will to help players benefit from the events they attend. Too often we hear about a player paying a large sum money to go to a basketball exposure event, yet when they leave they got nothing out of it. At Rocktop Basketball Camp, BasketballFinders.com is rating EVERY camper. Every attendee will receive a profile and rating regardless of skill level. Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 9.49.42 AMRating Example
  2. We will to change the way people view camps. In many ways, camps can be a survival of the fittest. Because players must be aggressive in order to stand out, campers often over penetrate and take ill advised shots. Rocktop Basketball aims to change this. Rocktop Basketball is providing elite training from individuals who know and played the game. They force players to engage in instructional play (3 pass rule, make players move and play without the ball, ect.). We are certain that the quality of training that Rocktop Basketball provides will differ from the conventional camp experience.
  3. We will change the way players get exposure. Just because BasketballFinders.com is rating everyone who attends camp, that does not mean we intend to lock you into that rating. We want players to get better. We want to see players improve. We encourage all players to change our minds and prove us wrong.

Rocktop Basketball Camp: The Exposure Tour is coming. We need your support. Help us change the recruiting process. And if you are a top player, we will see you on tour. 


Miami – March 19 – 20
Philadelphia – March 25 – 26
New York – June 11 – 12
Orlando – June 18 – 19
Los Angeles – June 25 – 26
Washington DC – July 1 – 2
Las Vegas – July 18 – 19
Boston – August 20 – 21


More to be added.

*Divisions and ages vary
Rocktop Basketball Camp - The Exposure Tour

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