The Basketball Finders Recruit Management System, a recruiting service that is revolutionizing the basketball recruiting world with their algorithm assessment method, is introducing a recruit management system to help players interact with college coaches and be proactive about the recruiting process. The Basketball Finders Recruit Management System allows athletes to create an online presence, develop a realistic college target list, and communicate with college coaches. 

The Basketball Finders Recruit Management System is an athlete's personal athletic and academic online resume. Each player receives a profile page that allows them to post their game tape, highlight tape, stats, GPA, SAT/ACT scores, basketball recommendations, and athletic & academic achievements. This online resume gives coaches access to everything they would possibly need in order to recruit an athlete. This eliminates any speculation as to whether a college coach should recruit you or not; it gives athletes the online presence needed in order to be recruited.

The Basketball Finders Recruit Management System also allows players to develop a college target list based on a players preferential geographical region, choice of majors, academic make up, school size, and other influential determining factors. While this allows athletes to discover colleges and narrow their college choices, it also allows athletes to be proactive about about contacting and communicating with coaches. Instead of waiting for a college coach to contact the athlete, this sorting mechanism creates a short list of colleges that athletes should be proactive about communicating with. This shows the colleges that you are interested in them and allows athletes to develop a relationship with the coaching staff.

The last advantage that the Basketball Finders Recruit Management System offers athletes is the ability to communicate with college coaches across the country. This recruiting system is being used by 97% of college coaches and access to these coaches is available at a moments notice. Athletes can also track which colleges opened their emails and/or viewed their online profile. 

The Basketball Finders Recruit Management System is the best way for basketball players to be proactive and track their recruiting. With four plans available at Basketball Finders offers assistance as to what coaches to contact, how to contact them, and overall recruiting consultation. This system is available to both male and female basketball players beginning in 9th grade, as well as overseas prospects looking to play college basketball in the United States. For more information please check out the video above.