If basketball is a game of entertainment, then highlights are the most outstanding parts of a game and/or event. That being the case, the main purpose of a basketball highlight is to entertain it’s viewers. Ballislife, Hoopmixtape, 8eye, Primetime Hoops, Mars Reel, and many more basketball media companies follow the top players in the country in hopes of capturing their next spectacular dunk, pass, and/or crossover on film. Although not every player is lucky enough to be followed by a media company, every player should have a highlight tape. Highlight tapes help players get noticed and assure the alumni and fans of a university that the coaching staff is doing a good job of recruiting. A good highlight tape may not result in a scholarship, but it may leave a lasting impression. Therefore, every player should know what college coaches look for in a highlight tape.

What do coaches look for in a highlight tape?

  1. Information. Highlight tapes should provide it’s viewers with the players name, position, height, weight, school, and stats. Most college coaches view highlight tapes based on recommendations by scouts, high school coaches, and/or AAU coaches.
  2. Entertainment. Coaches want to be entertained. They want to see good plays against good players.
  3. The Competition. A player’s highlights should be against high-level high school players and/or other college bound players.
  4. A Purpose. Coaches want to see realistic skills and strong plays.
  5. Skill Level Based On Position. How well do you play your position? A point guard needs to showcase his or her point guard skills, ect.


When making a highlight tape, make sure:

  • You’re identifiable. Make sure your highlight is showcasing your game.
  • It is being taped at a reasonable distance and a good angle. (The tape should not be so high up in the stands that all the players look like ants)
  • Keep the length reasonable. (2-5 minutes)
  • The most impressive plays are in the beginning. Most coaches only watch 30 seconds of a highlight tape before determining whether to continue or not.



Make good use of highlight tapes, but do not depend on them to get a scholarship.